To achieve our goals of preserving and promoting Indian art forms, supporting artists, and creating an art loving society, Samanvay has already established some initiatives. Please contact us to be involved with existing initiatives and to share ideas and suggestions for additional initiatives.

Theater Lights


Samanvay Art Discovery Series

With the aim of preserving and promoting all Indian art forms that need support and revival, we organize events series, such as a dance discovery series and a music discovery series, to educate the audience about art forms and their cultural significance. Under this initiative, we work with communities and cultural activists to promote and support art forms, artists, and artisans in need. We support art discovery projects through research, discussions, documentaries, and cultural events.

Ceramic Art

Taaoos Chaman: The Peacock Garden

Taaoos Chaman is an initiative by Samanvay Space to bring rich Indian oral poetic traditions to life. We aim to preserve established poetry recitation traditions of the Indian subcontinent and promote poetry recitation as an art form. We organize seminars and workshops to facilitate discussions on various oral poetic traditions of India and conduct training sessions focusing on poetry recitation skills. We host a monthly session to promote poetry recitation as an art form.

Image by Utsman Media

Samanvay Young Creators Project

Samanvay Young Creators Project is an initiative to help talented and creative young artists to create original art and curate their own events. With the help of a dedicated team of qualified mentors, we find young talents and work with them through a series of planning and training sessions towards the end goal of curating events featuring their original works.


Samanvay Youth Forum

Samanvay Youth Forum is a platform for youth to connect, collaborate, and create. Each week members of Samanvay Youth Forum organize an event where young writers, artists, and cultural activists share their arts, talents, and views. We host open mics for new and upcoming artists, conduct workshops to provide learning opportunities, and curate events to showcase young talents.

Girls Studying

Samanvay Women’s Forum

Samanvay Women’s Forum is a platform for strong, determined, and accomplished women who support each other and support Samanvay through their direct or indirect contribution to its mission and vision. With their support, we ensure that women’s voices and views play a significant role in Samanvay’s operations.

Indian Street Art


Image by British Library