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SAMANVAY is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and appreciation of all forms of Indian art and literature. We organize regular cultural and literary events, showcasing world class Indian talents in the field of arts and literature at local, national, and global levels. We support local artists by hosting regular online and on-stage events in prominent Indian and international cities. We contextualize performances and events and provide an orientation to various artistic and literary traditions with the goal of creating active audience communities in India. We engage with youth groups to involve them in organizing and promoting our events. Through strategically planned cultural events, we aim to create a space of engagement between artists, audiences, patrons, and other allies of Indian arts to promote the creation and appreciation of Indian arts both in India and abroad.

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What, Why and How

Here is a description of what our goals are, why these goals are important for us, and how we plan to accomplish them:

SAMANVAY creates a space of engagement between artists, audiences, patrons, thought leaders, and art enthusiasts to promote all forms of Indian arts and literatures both in India and abroad.

Using a collaborative model that mutually benefits all stakeholders—artists, audiences, sponsors, scholars, cultural activists—at local, national, and global levels, we work together to preserve and promote a wide range of Indian performing arts and literary genres, including but not limited to music, dance, theatre, film, poetry, and painting.

We build Samanvay city teams, or teams of artists, patrons, and active audience members in major cities and cultural centers in India and abroad. We support these teams by providing a framework, guidance, and financing to host weekly, monthly, and quarterly cultural events in these cities. Being sensitive to the linguistic, social, and cultural diversity of Indian performing arts and literatures, we work closely with local communities to organize and promote cultural events in each city. We are all set to open Samanvay city chapters in seven major cities in India, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata, during the first year of work. FY 2020-21. We also host regular online events to connect art lovers with Indian arts and literatures.

We promote world class Indian talent in the field of arts and literatures by hosting such talent at local, national, and international events. Partnering with various cultural organizations abroad, we also help Indian artists with arranging international cultural tours. We support new and upcoming artists by hosting open mic events and also providing them a platform at our regular online and on-stage events.     

We make our events accessible to audience members and educate them about the aesthetics and significance of the art by contextualizing performances and highlighting their socio-cultural aspects. We organize talks, panel discussions, and workshops to provide an orientation to various traditions of performing arts and literatures with the larger goal of creating culturally trained active audience communities in India.

We strive to strategically involve youth groups in everything we do including organizing and promoting our events and creating networks. As more than half of India’s large population is under 25 years old and more than 65% of India’s population is under 35 years old, we understand the value of working with youth. Working with youth allows us to invest in the future generation and help young people connect with their own cultural traditions. Moreover it allows us to tap into their energy as a valuable resource for our mission of promoting Indian arts. We work with a number of youth groups and organizations and all Samanvay city teams have at least two young cultural activists who help us stay connected with local youth communities and build networks among them.

What sets Samanvay apart from other cultural organizations with similar goals of promoting Indian performing arts is the broader scope of our work. While we collaborate with many cultural organizations in different areas, we are structured to effectively work at three levels, local, national, and global. Not being limited to promoting only a few particular genres, we promote a large number of Indian art forms and encourage the exploration of connections between them. While we organize events both locally and globally, we are more than just an event organizing platform that brings performances to a passive audience. One of our major goals is to connect with audiences with the goal of educating them about art forms. With a sensitivity towards local language, culture and artistic taste, we work with local communities and invite them to participate in the process of preserving and promoting their art and literature. Our established platforms for online events, active Samanvay city teams, networks of youth groups and local communities, as well as our collaboration with local and international partners enables us to create an extensive space and network where all stakeholders come together to build a long-term, sustainable infrastructure to preserve and promote all forms of Indian arts and literatures.